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History of Kishanganj

During the period of Khagada Nawab, Mohammed Fakiruddin, one hindu saint arrived , he was tired and wanted to rest at this place, but when he heard that this place name is Alamganj ,the river name is Ramzan and the Jamindar name is Fakiruddin , he refused to enter at Alamganj. After that the Nawab decided and announced some portion from Kishanganj Gudri to Ramzan pool gandhi ghat as Krishna-Kunj . As time passed by the name gets converted to present KISHANGANJ.


During Mughal period  Kishanganj district was the part of Nepal and was known as Nepalgarh. Mughal Emperor Shah Alam appointed Mohammed Raza at Surajapur for administration. Md. Raza captured the fort of Nepalgarh and name gets converted to Alamganj and administration gets shifted to Khagara. The Historical "KHAGRA MELA" is held every year at Khagara, Kishanganj.

                                                                                 Residence of Nawab Jainuddin Hussain Mirza


Story of Formation of Kishanganj District

Kishanganj was the old and important Sub-Division of Purnea. After the long and hard struggle of Seventeen Years from people of Kishanganj including  Social Workers, politicians, journalist, businessman’s, Farmers etc., the Kishanganj District came into existence on 14th January 1990.

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